deancastiel: [FIC] Across The Universe (for whreflections)

Title: Across The UniverseAuthor: Recipient: Pairing: Dean/CastielRating: NC-17Warnings: noneSpoilers: up to and including 5.22Word Count: 8314Notes/Prompt(s): This is a response to the prompt nr 3 „Cas is trying to seduce post 5.22 depressed!Dean, which if course makes it harder, along with the fact that he's never exactly tried to full on seduce someone before.” and I tried to include something from at least one other. I hope this is something my recipient will like. Many thanks to and who helped fix my mistakes on very short notice.Summary: After Sam is gone, Dean drives around without a purpose or destination. Castiel follows and finds out firsthand what both human grief and human desire feel like.Across The UniverseDean gets in the car and starts it without asking Castiel anything, without inviting him along. Castiel decides he can afford to be rude this once and gets in the car anyway.

It’s a beginning to a new world, to countless things.

Yet when Castiel looks at Dean all he sees in his face is an ending. It would be cruel to leave him to it. Or so he tells himself, because the real truth is, Castiel doesn’t want to leave Dean’s side. He never did before and wants this even less now.

He feels so many things, his new powers twirling inside, calling him to heaven and another pull that’s been directed towards wherever Dean is for a long time now. And underneath that all there’s an ache, a terrible feeling of emptiness that makes Castiel fear he’ll collapse in on himself. He swallows several times until he can breathe easier again. The proximity of Dean lessens it slightly, but he thinks he would crumble into dust were he alone now.

He is sitting in Sam’s place in the Impala because Sam isn’t here. Won’t ever be again, so it might as well be his place now. The thought makes the strange sickness inside pick up a hundred times stronger as if trying to escape out of him.