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Leave of Absence

I'm going to be offline from February 1 to March 9. It's not going to be the cleansing, restorative, Internet cleanse kind of offline, but the old-fashioned kind, where no one can possibly reach me if there's an emergency.

May God help you all.

To keep the site from ruin, Nat Torkington has kindly agreed to babysit while I'm gone. If you don't know Nat, this is a little bit like getting Julia Child to agree to run your hot dog stand. You are in good hands.

As Nat was the person who gave me my first big break in the world of computers, running Pinboard will serve as a fitting penance.

If you have any urgent requests, problems or concerns, I highly recommend you wait until February 1 and bring a little excitement into Nat's life.

For some reason, no one is willing to take over the Pinboard twitter account, so the address will be the place to go.

—maciej on January 07, 2016

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